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Also, we try to have fun in the process!

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Our Founder/Host

Ismail Abdillahi (Ismaaciil C Ubax) is a Somali-Swedish writer
the author of numerous #1 bestselling novels, including GAAX
which has become one of the bestselling novels in Somali peninsula. Ismaaciil is the
former Hargeysa Cultural Centre Manager.

Ismaaciil Ubax is the founder of Bookland store
one of the first online bookstores in the Horn of Africa.
He is known for his great leadership at Hargeysa Cultural Centre where he was responsible for
leading and managing both the artistic and institutional aspects of the Centre.

Ismaaciil believes to give voice to Somali women and youth in general through his pen.
He is the founder and the host of Codka Ubax podcast
a storytelling platform where people can share potentially world-changing,
inspiring ideas and stories.